Sunday, 13 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim

We were given the task of creating a preliminary clip which accounted for 15 marks of our overall grade. The point of this was to get us used to filming and editing clips so that when we came round to filming our thriller opening we would know how to do it. 

My group and I had the idea of filming a meeting between two characters. Our aim was to explore various different shots, experiment with Livetype and Soundtrack Pro and to make the clip intense using various different sounds. 

Our opening shot of Sifan getting up and looking out the window was inspired by the psychological thriller, 'Donnie Darko' and its shot of Jake Gyllenhaal getting up and standing in shot of the mountains.

When it came to editing we knew how to do it, but it was when we came to adding the title where started to learn knew things we didn't know before. We now know how to create a title in Livetype and how to import it to Final cut Pro.

We also learnt a lot when we put the sound together. We now know how to put down the main sound and then other sound effects during the clip, like the ticking noise, and how to make diegetic sounds louder whilst the non-diegetic sounds are lower.

Over all I think that my group and I are ready to start filming our thriller openings and are more than ready to face all the editing that is to come. What I have learnt with this is to be careful with continuity errors, as they can look very bad; and to film all the shots we need in one place first before moving on to the next, so that the camera is always at the same height and that the lighting remains the same. 

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