Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thriller Audiences

Thriller films do not appeal to a mass market as not all people enjoy watching them. In 2009 there were 503 films released in the UK and only 31 of those were thrillers, which grossed £42,578,104  only 4% of the years total box office. This is because not everyone enjoys the 'edge of seat' excitement thrillers provide. Thrillers only reach those who both fear and enjoy being frightened and awaiting anticipation. 
Unfortunately thrillers have become less popular over the years, 29 Horror films were released in 2009 and the grossed £60,228,063 which was 5.4% of the years box office. This is disappointing as although more thriller films were released, audiences much prefer Horrors instead.
The top three Thriller films released in 2009 were Angels and Demons, Knowing and Harry Brown.

The majority of films released in that year were Drama and Comedy with popular films such as The Hangover, The Twilight Sage: New Moon, Slumdog Millionaire and Alvin and the Chipmunks which attract a wider audience as they appeal to families with young children and teenagers. In addition it appeals to a mass audience of both males and females ranging from young children to the middle aged which is a problem that Thrillers face and not everyone enjoys the anticipation and suspense.

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