Sunday, 13 February 2011

Inspiring Opening Title Sequence

I watched the opening of the channel 4 drama 'The Promise' and the titles are what I found very interesting. Even though it is not a film I still thought the opening credits had an effect on me as they were very unusual. Why I also liked them was the fact that it is very easy to do using only Final cut Pro and they are still very effective.

The program starts with a plain black background with the a white serif font which then blurs into a piercing blue. What first stood out to me was that the text was at the bottom of the screen instead of traditionally in the middle. 

Meanwhile there is sound in the background which I feel is very effective because it makes the viewer want know what is happening. The viewer can hear footsteps and doors opening and closing.

This is the first shot we see after the first few credits. Then the viewer understands how the sound in the credits link with this establishing shot of the mother and daughter in a hospital. 

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