Friday, 25 February 2011

Production - The Wrongs

Whilst we are currently still in production for our thriller opening Foursquare we have been facing many problems when filming. One of the scenes we were shooting required using a laptop in a coffee shop and unfortunately we didn't have enough battery on our laptop and we were forced to relocate due to the poor train services. this means we have to alternate or film this part on another day which is putting us a little behind schedule. Also, we were unable to connect to the wireless Internet in the place of filming, and we needed the Internet for this specific scene. This made us decide to relocate in order to ensure we had a definite connection to the Internet.
We could of improved these things by thinking through our risks much more clearly and making sure we were more prepared such as our equipment being available and ensuring we can connect to the Internet whilst on the move. Other things that put us behind on schedule were fights on the bus which means it took longer to travel from place to place.

However, we are learning from our mistakes and when we will be filming the last and finishing touches of our thriller we will be making sure we are prepared properly and have thought through all the things that can go wrong. This means our filming will run smoother and we will be able to accomplish more done in a given time.

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