Thursday, 17 February 2011


Here are a few shots of our first day of filming. We are on the college roof and were shooting our opening scene. However, we have made some errors on our first day.
  • We hadn't completely finished our production schedule so we were slightly unorganised
  • We had forgotten our storyboard so we forgot some of our shots. This was quite time consuming as we had to do a wider range of shots just in case.
However, from this experience on our very first day we will ensure we always have our production schedules with us and list of things we need to bring so we don't forget anything and can use our time effectively.

Filming Sifan on the college roof, in this establishing shot we were inspired by Donnie Darko and felt it is a great opening to our Thriller as it sets the scene and creates the atmosphere. The audience will automatically know this Thriller is set in London and because the character is at such a high point will suggest his superiority and leadership in the film. Also. by opening with this shot we know that he is the main character.

Although we were doing work we had plenty of fun filming. It was good for us all to get a chance with the camera and coming up with new ideas as we went along. We were able to work around the weather and used to Sun as an advantage. In some shots the sun effectively darkened the image, making the character (Sifan) a silhouette which we thought looked really good!

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