Thursday, 7 April 2011


The prelim was an excellent task, I remembered significant mistakes that were made throughout the entire prelim process:

 Planning the prelim we used Jelly Babies to produce a story board animatic, this didn't give us a clear idea of shots because we couldn't fix the jelly babies into the positions we needed. This was the only planning we did, for the prelim we didn't see the urgency to plan.

When it came to our real thriller I realized how crucial planning was, as the Jelly Baby animatic was not successful for us we decided to produce a very detailed story board entailing both costume and mise en scene.  
Also during planning the final thriller I researched online for a gap in the thriller market which therefore helped us to decide our thriller genre. By searching for other thrillers on YOUTUBE and ART OF THE TITLE I could use aspects of intertextuality in the final piece.
 Another crucial planning decision was a timetable, this time we produced a filming timetable so we knew exactly what we were filming and when. We also took stills of desired locations so we could compare them and decide where to film

During our prelim we rushed our production stage, we filmed during one lesson inside college- this was not a particularly exciting location. During our real thriller we experimented with a number of locations, because we had planned these locations when it came to filming we knew where we were going. We also took more time filming, we did not rush and we also took extra shots to be 100% sure we had the shot. 

Our prelim was very light- as the picture shows, we did not correctly set the lighting and we used manual focus throughout. However, during our thriller filming we decided to use auto focus and we also double checked the lighting. You can also see on our prelim that we only used basic shots, the camera was accidentally tilted and this was clear to see, when filming our real thriller we used a wide range of shots and even angles to build tension,  this came simply because we had planned them, we also watched a few shots back to make sure the camera was not tilted. We worked on mise en scene to build suspense whereas in our prelim we had jelly baby packets in the background! so this time we also looked at mise en scene.


During editing, final cut pro was used for both the prelim and the final film, when editing the prelim we were rushed for time so we didn't use final cut pro to the best of both our ability and final cut pro's ability. In our prelim the edits were basic, and we did not use any effects apart from a cross dissolve to start with and to finish with. During our final film we used mass amounts of effects from the split screens to the overlay of clips, we had more experience with Final Cut meaning we were able to experiment with ideas to create tension. 

We used soundtrack in our prelim and we also experimented with Livetype, however we wanted to keep our titles in our final film simple, we began to produce Livetype titles but we were told we could produce the same effect for quicker on final cut. We used a soundtrack in our film that we got from another source- however we did gain permission and edited this sound to create our desired effect. 

The editing for our final film took a lot more time, we spent ages on getting each clip perfect. We also went into depth at looking at effects and what sort of thing would look tacky, for example we used red font in producing our prelim we later thought this looked very tacky so we opted for black during our final film.

The prelims taught me a lot about planning, filming, mise en scene, props, editing, text and effects. I believe it was highly useful to create a piece without not being 100% sure what you are doing. Because when it came to the final film I could learn from my mistakes and apply that to a successful final film.

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