Saturday, 2 April 2011

EVALUATION - Q2: Representation of Social groups

 1) This opening title clip from Donnie Darko is similar to our movie's main character because they are both standing in almost the same position and the audience doesn't know who they are because their identities are concealed momentarily and we are not sure if they are protagonists or antagonists, the main difference between the two stills and the characters is that in our movie the person is a bad guy and that's the opposite for the other movie. They are both men in different situations in similar shots.

2)  In this clip for the two movies which are Dirty Harry an our own movie they are similar characters on screen, they are both women and they are also in danger from a man which is a distinct similarity and typical of a thriller movie. Also they are both young women and their danger levels may be different but the situation is similar although they are both represented in a way that makes them seem very vulnerable compared to the men in the movie which are shown to be powerful.

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