Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION Q 7 Different Technologies

During the process of making the thriller opening we used various different kinds of technologies like the internet, equipment, and software. This is a time line of the technologies we used and what we used together.

We of course started off with Blogger which was where we produced all our work and published our film. 

Here we did all sorts of things like embedding clips from Youtube which we often used with blogger. 

We often had to find images on google for research so we used google image sin conjunction with blogger. 
When we finally started filming we used JCV video cameras to record all our footage and still cameras to capture the making of the films. 

Then when we came to editing we where introduced to Final Cut Pro. We also used other programs like Soundtracl pro and Live type along side FCP to produce our final products. 

Also when we came to actually filming our final final we had to use phones to keep in touch with each other and organise meeting times and locations.

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