Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Q4/5: What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why? How Will You Attract/Address Your Audience?

After researching, I have found that their is definitely a gap in the hollywood film market for thrillers, we always aimed for 'FOUR SQUARE' to hit the big screen. Our desired distributors were FLOWER FILMS the company who worked alongside Donnie Darko.

Our target audience is young males, preferably City Guys so we have advertised in places such as:

So that our target audience would have been targeted.  We would have perhaps looked into doing a deal with Topshop to create a fresh item of clothing based on our film, or with IPHONE to create intense 'FOUR SQUARE' apps, and we would have reached cinemas such as Odeon & VUE as they usually do deals with films to reach target audience.

Realistically our film is a low budget, British film using the independent company CANDI Media, however this company does have good digital equipment. We decided to associate our film with Studio8 as we were group 8, to distribute our film we have use low budget schemes.  To get our opening out for others to see we have 200 DVD's being copied, along with a cinema showing where other media groups get to see the work we have produced. 
I looked at this student film and saw that they distributed it via youtube, they have gained over 200,000 views which proves the success. Their film is being watched by people who are clearly sharing it with others this shows me how even though our film is not a big hollywood movie it could still be watched by many people. We have distributed via youtube, blogger twitter, vimeo and facebook  so that our film can be watched by loads of people- since it would not be advertised using a huge campaign.

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