Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION - Q4&5: Media Institution release

This movie is a student movie that gathered a lot of attention and it was posted on youtube, it was made by students in schools just like us, there was a lot of graphics used and it was released probably on the internet only and not widely distributed. The internet is an excellent way to send out movies because it is free and it can be seen by virtually anyone, they couldn't make it into a big movie because they have a low budget and it's a school so it is an independent institution. The movie was really good for a student movie.

Our movie will be released through the internet on Vimeo, and youtube too so it will have limited release but we have posted it on Facebook and got audience feedback, it was released by CANDI media class and it will be made into a DVD for us and we also saw it in the cinema, so it will have limited release but the Facebook page really helps because we can get some valuable audience feedback.

This is the actual facebook page that it was posted on and at the bottom there is likes and comments.

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