Thursday, 7 April 2011

EVALUATION - Q8: What we've learned

Filming: these two shots are a good example of the progress we have made from the prelim and the final film, we have made a great change in the way we film. We had a tilted camera at the start and also the lighting was way too bright for the type of shot we were trying to create but now on the first screenshot we have shown a lot of improvement for example the shot is steady and looks professional compared to the second one.

Editing: our editing skills have improved a lot too in the time from then to now, I used to only be able to use one program but now I can use all three programs properly and can make them work together on final cut pro. We did a lot of editing in class, in the first prelim we barely had any transitions now on this film (screenshot above) we used an overlap which shows our progress from having no transitions or effects to using a wide range of editing skills such as laps.

Teamwork: at the start of the course we were put into teams of our choice and we worked together ever since, we've learnt a lot about teamwork through the planning filming and editing process, I used to work alone on my own blogs and only help with certain things but by the end of the blogging and filming i started to work together with my team and now i work well with my group. I started out an individual worker but ended up a team player and from our prelim theres been a big change, for example at the time of the prelim we all did different things but with the actual film we all filmed at one point and we made the storyboards together too.

Planning: we all did the planning together and we used a lot of media tools such as watching movies and clips on youtube for our final movie but for our prelim we mostly came up with the story in one day and it was an effort of one person mostly but we made a big change in the last one where everybody sat around a table and discussed the story and how we wanted it to go. Our planning skills have improved dramatically because we thought about it more and used a range of things to get inspiration for it so that is a big sign of progress for me and my team. Mise en scene: on our prelim there was barely any but on the final film we had a lot of props like clothing and laptops and it all helped with the feel of the movie it felt more real.

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